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His Beauty Her Beast Bracelet Set
Once upon a time, a young man was cursed by a witch to forever walk the face of the Earth as an ugly Beast.

He was told that he would only ever look normal again if he won the love of a beautiful lady.

After years of captivity in his own disfigured body, the young man won the heart of a pretty lady named Beauty. Upon receiving her kiss, the once frightening Beast turned into a handsome young man.

Looking startled, Beauty asked what happened. The young man responded that the love of a beautiful lady can turn any Beast into a handsome man. After this revelation, the couple lived happily ever after, bonded to each other by their own special love.

Now with the titanium couple bracelets, every girl can be the Beauty that transforms her Beast into a handsome young man.

Wear these iconic timeless bracelets to honor every child’s favorite Beauty and the Beast bedtime story. Let the bracelets strengthen your love for one another so you can live happily ever after with your soul mate.

• Each set of matching bracelets comes with two bracelets
• Both bracelets are plain and simple in structure making them suitable for daily wear.
• Titanium metal is used to craft the bracelets so you don’t have to worry about them breaking easily.

Product Specifications:
Length: Resizable to fit almost any hand
Metal: Titanium Steel Leather
Gender: Couple
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